Splendor Solis 2

" Love is the Key "

Welcome in our Academy,

The world we live in is in turmoil. We see the crumbling of the old world, the chaos in every field of human endeavor. We see wars and the threat of war, natural disasters and degeneration.

People become more and more aware of the global power structures that seem to govern the destiny of mankind. Many of them are outraged when they discover the lies and the historical ongoing corruption in church and state, in the financial world, in the media, in health care, the pharmaceutical and other industries and even in science.

Many have been dancing around the golden calf for centuries, while their souls and the spiritual beings that they are, shriveled to death. These days the suffering of many is so great but their cry for help seems to be unnoticed by a power elite that hides behind a veil of illusions that human eyes cannot penetrate. People begin to understand that their outer freedom, as it is known in the world, is not the same as true inner freedom. What must become of us? Are we doomed to be victims of our own ignorance? What is the key to unlock our prison?

'My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge'

This phrase of Jesus exclaimed 2000 years ago, is another key for understanding that there is more to know, even more then we can learn in earthly schoolrooms.

The answers to all our existential questions, the answer to all worldly and personal concerns are available to all people that dare to question and confront the status quo in society and in themselves. People that heed the words of the wise focus on their inner life, where they discover the mystery of Gods Eternal Kingdom of Love.

Gradually we are reborn into this inner Kingdom of Consciousness and when we grow up from spiritual babyhood to kindergarten, even during several incarnations on earth, we become aware of whom we truly are!

We become aware of our spiritual teachers that lovingly assist us in shedding of the old serpent skin of our egos to become the radiant Sun that is the true nature of all children of the One God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all there is.
Oh, amazing Grace how great thou art! For now our eyes begin to see the Glory of the Lord. The dazzling Light of the Holy Spirit of God descends upon this planet day and night and we as Christened beings, reborn in Spirit, become conductors, multipliers and magnifiers of this Light, for now we are called to be the open door for the Light of God that never fails; yes even to be co-creators of the Golden Age Civilization of the ascended master Saint Germain, the hierarch of the Age of Aquarius.

How can one not be excited by the invitation to be part in this second coming of Christ?
How can one not feel privileged to be called and to become a part of the solution to all problems on earth, to be a co-creator with Saint Germain and Jesus the Christ and Mother Mary? For YES, we are truly called by GOD, to unite and be ONE, with the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, which is another expression for the 'Holy Spirit', in co-creating The Golden Age of Aquarius.

Beloved ones, this is the time so many have waited for , this is the time to accelerate your spiritual development, and remember your sacred vows as a soul towards your Creator, the I AM THAT I AM within YOU.

So don't hesitate, participate and grab this awesome opportunity to take part in this conference. No doubt that this can and will be a life changing event for all of us.

I AM Raphael and I AM dedicated to the Healing of your Body, Mind and Soul


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